Teachback Thursday Part One

Hello, everyone! Thank you for this opportunity….I just finished eating creamy onion soup with beans I made myself for the first time, I love creamy soups…so why am I telling you this?
One point I try to stress with people I work with is you need to keep trying new things, new places, new experiences, always, always, always, always!
Yesterday I went for a hike and saw a highway I traverse on a regular basis from up above. What could be better?
My business was a new venture six and a half years ago, becoming an EMT was a new venture three and a half years ago. I’m a much better person, a much stronger person for having both in my lives.
People hear “education” and wince, formal schooling was a bad experience and they now hate anyone or anything to do with “education” or “school.” I’ve encountered this plenty as I have pounded the pavement looking for those I know need my help.
Life is a constant learning process and you need to be open to the new for your own survival.
I’ve spent many unbilled hours on the phone with people who are afraid, scared, they don’t know where to begin or they feel trapped by the “system”. I give them the directions and hope they can follow them when our work together is finished.
Open a new door, try a new food, a new recipe, a new event, a new place, a new experience, a new group of people,,,something, anything new and watch your world change and new doors open that you never thought possible.
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