Teachback Thursday, Part Two

“When you feel like giving up, think of all the people who would love to see you fail.”
I spent an hour on the phone today with a potential client. We are set to meet next week to see if the relationship is going to work. They dished their problems, I dished mine. I’ve never met this person but finding a common bond, a situation, helps.
I told them this quote, not exact as I have it here, but I managed to spit it out.
I keep this quote near and dear.
People think because you have a business you are all set. Not true. It is a time consuming fight, a struggle, a claw by claw reach, success and failure a fine line.
I know I have lost paid jobs to coworkers because they believe since I have a business I am “all set.” Dead wrong. (And by the way, I would like my hours back, please. I’ve already spoken to an attorney about this.)
You cannot appreciate what I do until you do it for yourself.
I can repeat the mantra “failure is not an option” all I want. It doesn’t work.
Just thinking about all the people who have stolen from me (money, time, clients, classes, etc.), told me I suck as a business woman, said nasty shit to and about me, told me I suck in x,y,z, is more than enough inspiration for me to pick up the phone, dash off emails, and just keep going when my main reason for being incorporated as an LLC is sitting right in front of me right now.
I have been told I need to define success in my own life. I did that by creating a “magic envelope” with the income number written on it that I want to pull in for the year. Once that “magic” number is reached, I go for the higher number.
I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong. Yet I know there are people out there who need my help and I can provide what they need and want. I deserve to paid and employed for what I am worth. I deserve it, and want it, just as much as the CEO that gets six figures or more and has their secretary doing everything for them.
I can make a pretty long list of people I know would love a good snicker or laugh at my failure. When they pop up on Facebook as a friend suggestion or their page comes up (I regret now I liked it, but all inspiration is good), I just smile.
Hang onto your hats.


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