Tricky….life is always tricky, a fine balancing act.

To do or not to do?

Tricky. I always think of the song with this word where they repeat it.

There was a business a while back with this word in it. The business burned down mysteriously and is now a karate studio.

Tricky is usually seen as something bad, not sure, the situation may be tough.

Can something that is tricky be good?

Ice skating is tricky, you need to keep balance while on the ice. Hockey. Soccer. Sports in general.

Good writing is tricky. Right?


One thought on “Tricky

  1. Yes, life is tricky, and along with that are the decisions we make because of the trickiness. Most things aren’t black and white so it is hard to make those decisions. We just do the best we can and try not to second guess ourselves.


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