Okay, so I am frustrated today.  I don’t like being frustrated.

I had a woman call me looking for work.  I told her I have had no response to the ad she saw and called about.  Get me people and I can hire you.  Call me in a month.

I texted six people with my schedule who said they want help.  No response.

I need to figure out what part of me, what part of my business, I need to market first, on top, so to speak.

I ran into a friend of mine last night and she was telling me about “slash marketing”.  This is right up my alley because there are so many components to what I do.

Do I market tutoring first?  People think tutors charge too high and are afraid.  I have found that out.  My rate is that to the median income to the area.  I don’t believe in fleecing people.

Do I market employment testing help?

Do I market English as a Second Language?  This is my first love and what led to everything else.  But I don’t want to miss the people who need resumes.  This was half the income I pulled the past month.

What makes me tick: I have always, always, always believed and followed the ideal that people are individuals and therefore I have problems with this marketing to a group or segments.  I have my EMT license but am older than about half of my coworkers.  I’m not the “average.”

You are an individual.  I love what I do because I love working with people as individuals.  I love seeing the particular person I am working with flourish, thrive, improve, move up, get ahead.  I love seeing the AHA! moments and giving them something that they can never lose and no one can take from them.

I know there are individuals “out there” who need my help and I am able to help them.  I have my seven sources based on everything that I do.

I’ve done up fliers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  Polish is next.  I will be posting the links on my website.  What do I need to change around?

What am I missing?  More importantly, who am I missing?  What energy is blocking this?  What do I need to be doing differently?


2 thoughts on “#TellitTuesday

  1. I’ve had my own small, garden design business in the past, and it’s a birch to market yourself on the cheap. Word of mouth kept me going at a steady pace, but never grew my biz. I had a website, and had a few connections, but still slacked in new clients.
    These days, I feel you have to get creative… Blogs, volunteering, FB (ugh, not a fan, but I get it), even hanging flyers in the right place can help.
    I have no magic bullets for you, however I can wish you luck!


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