I’m sitting here and don’t feel like the usual blah-blah.

This word, this theme, has been on my plate a lot recently.  One truth I’ve realized is that life is always a crossroads.  You cross roads everyday.  You cross paths, roads, with people either for a short time or a long time.  No matter what experience you have, it usually involves at least one other human being.

A professor of mine once said that even if you become a hermit, you still need human contact in some form: you can’t provide everything for yourself.  He was complaining about the over-commercialization of Christmas and even if you are a hermit, tucked in some cave in some obscure mountain region, you can never hide.

And the more I live, the more I agree.

People have been given the image of Robert Frost with roads not taken.  True.  Yet maybe the path isn’t the one for you now or you want another path that isn’t there right now.  It has to be found in its own time.

Other people sometimes change your path for good or bad.  Yet is it ever truly your path? No matter what you do, it involves other people.

You bring people, willingly or unwillingly, into your crossroads.  People do the same with you.

Some people you wish to never see or hear from or hear about again and still you do.  You have to learn to smile in the storm and just keep living.  Cry if you need to but keep living.

Keep living.  Keep living.  Keep living. Keep living.  Keep living.

Find those crossroads.  They are always there.  Keep living.


4 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. I like this posting, Ange. It brings to mind so many things about paths taken. Sometimes it can even take a comment from someone to change the path we are on. I remember when I was a young mom with lots of responsibilities. A neighbor saw me outside and told me I looked like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. That comment changed my life because I just then decided I would stop worrying so much/lighten up and focus on the the positives in my life. So that day I started down the new path of putting a smile on my face more often.

    I used to love taking school groups on hikes in the woods at a nearby park. It brought so much joy to me and hopefully opened the eyes of little children to the wonders of nature. Some of the paths we took were well worn, so many had gone before us, but we also explored areas alongside the paths where many little critters built their homes and found their food.

    Thanks Ange, for helping me start today on a positive note. There are many other thoughts that are running through my head because of your written words, but I need to move on to what is on my to-do list. I hope you have a great day.


  2. I love the “keep living” mantra at the end. It’s such a perfect reminder that no matter what comes out way, there’s a reason to keep living, even if it’s just that we can try again tomorrow and the next day. I’m a deep introvert and because my job often involves lots of people time, I crave time alone. It’s always a matter of finding a balance. Sometimes I think I could be a hermit, and I probably could go longer than most without human contact, but in the end… yup, I need and appreciate people too.

    The idea of finding them a the “crossroads”… yes!


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