Teachback Thursday

I missed doing this last week.

I actually talked about this topic at a local business group meeting.  We were discussing hashtags and I mentioned doing this.

We also discussed business topics, networking, the 80/20 “rule”, and social media.

Ironically I ran out of business cards this week.  Yet it was time because I need new ones. Sometimes I design and make my own in between orders .  It is a creative break to make them.

Business cards have been a sticky point with my business.  I cover so much territory with so many different people.  How do I summarize everything on a little piece of paper?

People remember the name of my business and it is a good jump off point for a conversation.  I could carry around separate cards for everything I do.  I know I am not the first and the last person who has a business with different aspects.

People often mistake it for a florist or flower business.  I still get calls asking me if I want to bulk order flowers.

I also finally came up with a “motto” a couple of weeks ago.  When I post it, it is catching attention.  The question comes down to: do I put it on the card?

What do I put on the card?  Do I make one for each thing I do?  I continue to ponder….


One thought on “Teachback Thursday

  1. Just a thought, Ange: Is it possible to group what you do, i.e. use a general term for multiple services you offer? I feel that if the list is too long folks will get lost in it. Do you have a website? If so, you can put the website address on the card; use the headings there and then list what goes under each. Your motto should definitely go on your card.

    Good luck with all you are doing. If you do have a website, let me know what it is. I’d love to check it out.


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