Aestas/ Lux aestiva

Summer.  Summer time.

Summer, in my opinion, always goes the fastest of the four seasons.  Summer is always romanticized in books and movies.  Summer is full of memories.  Summer is when people come out and I see a lot of the people I know.

Summer means fireworks, fire crackers, lightning bugs/ fireflies, the ability to stand outside for a while and see the stars and constellations, the ability to just sit outside at night in general, nighttime concerts, music, Shakespeare outdoors, festivals, strawberries, blueberries, grass, flowers, gardens, baby animals, birds, block parties.

Summer is the time for cleaning up, cleaning out, painting, fixing, mud, dirt, the beach, swimming.

Summer is off-schedule, car hoods down, music blasting, traffic all night long, walks at night, long walks at night, and planning.


One thought on “Aestas/ Lux aestiva

  1. It is a a wonderful time of the year, I agree. I love it. Love going barefoot, watching the gardens grow produce and flowers, picnics; it never lasts long enough for me.Seems a time to catch-up on things that didn’t get done in the Spring and yet there are too many fun things to do outside so those important chores don’t get done after all. Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer.


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