Rereading Shakespeare

Someday I’ll find this post and remember sitting, hunkered down in a local library waiting for my client who is stuck in the place from hell.  This has been a good experience, a very eye opening experience, and an experience that is drawing on everything I have.  I’m pulling out bits of things I haven’t thought about in years.

I am in love with the challenge.

About a month ago I saw Shakespeare’s “Richard the Second” performed.  Before you roll your eyes, click away, and run away, let me tell you this: Shakespeare is taught at the wrong age.

“Romeo and Juliet” is taught because teenagers get it.  “Hamlet” and “Macbeth” for the same reason.  Shakespeare’s poetry?  I cringe at the times I had to measure out beats. Now, no problem.  Twenty-two years of teaching a language?  A big help and I get it.

Watching “Richard the Second” was like watching parts of my own life, my own experiences dealing with people.  Change the characters, change the wording slightly and there it is.  I could picture some of the scenes from my experience as an EMT, almost verbatim what people were saying to me and what was going on.  The opening scene could be replayed into when having to defend myself against someone else in front of a third party.

I wonder if the other people watching with me could see their own lives, their own experiences in the play.

Time doesn’t change humanity.


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