1. The proverbial the pen is mightier than the sword
  2. The proverbial notebook and pen are cheaper than therapy
  3. You don’t need LSD to invent a cuckoo’s nest
  4. Draculas do exist in real-life
  5. It’s mine
  6. Pain can sometimes not be shared in conversation
  7. I can see how much has changed, how much I have changed, or not
  8. Remember when….
  9. Journals, notebooks, pens, and stickers are cool
  10. You can say things you can’t say in the real world
  11. You can have conversations with fake people and not be drugged and locked up
  12. You get to see how much vocabulary you really have
  13. Peace and quiet in the chaos
  14. Time to figure things out
  15. Better than punching people in the face and going to jail (see #1)
  16. The options are endless
  17. Unless you destroy it, it stays around for a long time
  18. Another form of existence
  19. No judgement, no bullies
  20. It doesn’t talk back

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