Underground (subterraneo)

What does underground mean?  What contexts is it in?

I’m trying to take part in a challenge of sorts to write about various words.  I’ve written out ideas on paper but just need to put them together.

For underground, I came up with mystery, mysterious, hidden , escape, dark, darkness, the black market, illegal activities.

It always makes me thing about the Underground Railroad here in the United States that existed before and after the Civil War in the 1800s.  There is still an underground railroad of drugs and human trafficking.  For some, an underground railway is a path to freedom but for others it is a path to pain and bondage.

How much and how many things happen everyday that would be considered underground? Crime, for instance.  How many people live an underground existence?

I also think of tree roots and electric wiring underground.  Anything underground cannot be seen.  Only people who work in professions specific to what is underground know about it. Objects go underground to keep them out of the way and they won’t be seen like plumbing, wires, piping, sanitation, etc.

I saw a picture of New York City imagined if all the wires they had were actually above ground.  The City would look very different and would not be able to be navigated.

Once many years ago I taught a class at a senior center and one of my students told me about how in Europe all the wires are underground.

Then there is the connection of underground and underworld.  People who hide from the police and authorities, going underground, and underground activities.

How much of our world is underground and we don’t think about it?  How many things are underground that we take for granted?


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