After the 2016 Election

November 9, 2016

Many thoughts right now.

First, I love you all and hope that these results will not divide us but make us stronger.  Lick your wounds and let us move on and improve the world around us.  I hope we can all find some common ground.  I don’t want to lose a relationship over people who don’t even know I exist save my vote.

Second, a huge thank you to everyone for all of your support.  I greatly appreciate it.  I’m grateful to the people who let me know they read the articles and passed them along.  I’m grateful I was able to do this without murdering too many trees and that a campaign can be run without using too many natural resources.  I’m also grateful to the 1,395 people who voted for me, specifically the 1,143 people in Stratford, 156 in Trumbull, and 96 in Shelton. Thank you for your support, especially if I have never met you.  I hope to meet each and every one of you! And I will be doing this again.

Third, As I told one of the reporters I spoke to, I spent my night editing a client’s paper.  I told him if there was someone who needed help, I was going to help them first and I meant it.  I also had an interesting discussion with a woman at the grocery store.  She is someone most politicians would not think about but is most at risk by their choices.

Fourth, Aristotle said we are all politicians.  Remember that.

Fifth, do not stick your heads in the sand and eat the sand while complaining.  Rattle the chains.  Make the phone calls.  Send the emails.  Politicians and those at the top depend on you to be compliant and afraid.  If you do not speak up and take action and be aware of what is going on, things will never change.

Sixth, know your history.  You do not become POTUS by being a nice person.  There have been plenty of egomaniacs who have run this country but we were not alive to see them.  I reminded someone a couple of weeks ago that FDR, who usually gets one of the top rankings for Presidents, sent Jews back to their deaths in Nazi occupied Europe when he could have sent them to many other countries, had an open affair with his secretary while President, brought Nazis in to help build the atom bomb and other science programs, ignored blacks and Latinos during the New Deal, and probably would have ignored the Dust Bowl completely if so many people didn’t die.  He planted trees, while great, he did nothing to help farmers back on their feet nor did he try to encourage different ways of farming.

Seventh, I will continue to fight.  Marijuana should be legalized in CT for recreational use.  For those who challenge: would you like your weed made in a clean facility or in someone’s garage?  First responders need bullet prooof vests.  The bottle bill needs to be expanded.  The environment needs help. Our marshes need to be saved, our urban forests need to be saved, trees need to be planted.  People need green in their lives, and not just grass and a few flowers, either.  Solid greenery: trees, wetlands, forests, parks with trees, easily available recreational facilities. Small business needs to be supported.  I’m sick of hearing about “job growth”.  Big corporations get tax breaks while small businesses bear the brunt of double taxation.  Small business and self-employment is THE wave of the future and the only thing that keeps the economy going.

Thank you again.  I will see you in another election.  This is not over.  Stay tuned.


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