Connections in the Bathysphere

Today I picked up a book about oceanography.  After giving tours of a local marsh for the past thirteen years, I try to get some greater background on what I am sharing.  Fair enough, right?

I only read two chapters:one on the original Challenger and the other one on William Beebe and the bathysphere that helped to make him famous.

So now I understand where NASA came up with the name of Challenger.  The original was a ship, HMS Challenger (Her Majesty’s Ship Challenger), that sailed the world from 1872 to 1876 and for all intensive purposes began the field of oceanography.  (The AHA! moment arrived and the light bulb went off.)

Next was William Beebe who, with a man named Otis Barron, helped begin the world of underseas exploration.  Otis Barron came up with the design for the bathysphere even though Beebe received the credit for beginning the process, for having the dream to explore the ocean depths.  Okay.  The picture the book shows is enough to induce claustrophobia and the two adult men went down in this contraption together.  Then later, as a highlighted box, there is the connection to Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring.  Beebe helped her after reading one of her first essays.  Hmmmm….never knew and never would have connected these two people.  I read Silent Spring and I never knew Carson had a link to oceanography.

I’m already looking forward to the next chapters….

And what is my point?  Social media makes the connections easier , opens up connections that may never have existed before, and shows connections you may never have dreamed of.  I love this about social media.  Yet the human connection is the best.  Beebe went out of his way to make sure Carson had experiences and financial backing so she could continue her work.  Beebe never gets credit for this.  It’s a side note, a highlighted box.

How different history would be if we were able to make connections and get rid of the boxes.


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