Will anyone ever remember what a newspaper is?  Will they still exist?

I get the local town newspaper once a week.  I even delivered newspapers as a child with my Mom.  We walked.  Then the routes were consolidated and people drove all over.

There is nothing like sitting down and opening a newspaper.  The smell of the ink, the pictures flipping by.  I feel like with a newspaper that I won’t miss anything tucked away on the Internet.  I can go through at my own pace.

I enjoy the puzzles.

Newspapers are history, a record.  We say hello, congratulations, and good-bye to people.

Newspapers are permanent unless tossed into an Orwellian pit.

Newspapers are a connection to the community.  I hope they never completely go away.



One thought on “Newspaper

  1. I think it is neat that you and your mom delivered newspapers when you were a kid.

    I like the newspaper, too, especially ones that give a balanced perspective on what is going on in the world or the community, We still get the paper each day, the Washington Post, and before we moved we got the Baltimore SUN. There are times I almost inhale the news columns, the op-eds, the editorials, the comics. Other times, like right now, I can barely stomach the headlines. The news can bring out so many emotions at so many levels. I appreciate the opinion columns and do try to read some that have a different perspective than my own. I still want to learn and understand, but some written words about the state of affairs can shut me down, I’ve found that most recently I am leaning toward news online because I get postings about issues that interest me;I realize that doesn’t always give me the balance I need. I know I need to “listen” to other perspectives but sometimes I’m not always willing.

    Another thing about newspapers, for me, is what happens to them after they have been discarded. I recycle and am thankful that has become a way of life for most folks, but I also reuse/repurpose them. They become part of my vegetable garden by keeping the weeds at bay and then becoming part of the soil over time.


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