The word itself makes me shirk.  I’ve had no regular bedtime since high school, if that, and that was only because I had to be at school for 7:35.  Ah, memories.

I have come to accept that I am a night owl.  My best time is after 5 p.m., usually.  I’ll sleep all day if you let me.  I just need about one hour of sunshine and fresh air and I am good to go.

Right now I work evenings: paid, volunteer, my own business here, and I enjoy it.  It is my time of day.

Being an EMT (emergency medical technician), I started watching the show “Nightwatch.” I love that shift of 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.  Those are my perfect hours and I want a job with those hours.

This morning I woke up early and was thrilled to hear the birds singing outside and catch the first glimpses of sunshine.  Yet I crawled back into bed for a couple of more hours until life called.


I do have my routines and I try to read before going to sleep.  I also found a video on YouTube recently of Dr. Wayne Dyer about “setting” your brain for the next day before you go to sleep.  I totally understand this and try to do this every day.



One thought on “Bedtime

  1. It is so interesting how different we all are. We are unique, and that is so even for our sleep time. I stay up late, not because my inner clock wants that, but because Wayne is a night owl. I love waking up early, and hearing those birds greeting the morning. I like getting up before everyone else and that is my quiet time. I don’t like sleeping late because I feel like I’m missing out on what is going on in the my world.


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