Ingressus is Latin for “ovation” according to Google Translate.  More quick research shows that it comes from the Latin “ovare” which means to “exult”.

All I can think of are the words ovary and ovum.  Does anyone know of any connections?  I know for instance the prefix “hyster” from where English gets “hysterical”, “hysteria”, and “hysterectomy” are all related to the female gender.  When is a man ever called “hysterical”?  And yes, “hysterical” can be a synonym for “funny” as well.

The most common context is standing ovation, to stand and exult someone or a group of people.

Somehow in English ovation and exult just don’t go together.  In my view of the word, exult is similar to worship or praise, most generally in a religious sense.  Yet as a society we do this with other famous people as well.  To me, ovation is clapping, cheering, whistling.  People show exulting through different vocal means.

Ingressus also makes me think of the game “Ingress” which is similar to Pokemon Go. People use an app to find certain things.  To ingress means going in.



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