Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

I’m happy to have found this directly.  I suspect this word is being used because it is the last day of 2016.

We are all hopeful for the New Year 2017.  But as I was thinking today, every culture and religion has their own calendars and holidays.  It may be New Year on the secular, global calendar but many different New Years happen all year long.

People always tell me I should be doing instead of hoping.  Sometimes all one can do is hope what they have put into action or the action they are part of will turn out well.  Yet one must always be doing, doing, doing or everything will just stop.  And you, yourself, must be the one doing because no one else will do it for you.

I know some people hope for bad outcomes, usually for others, and there have been times I’ve hoped for a flat tire.  Yet showing up in a difficult situation proves you are worthy and a strong person.  Do not look like a weakling.  I would rather be crying while getting my wrist slapped or scolded than not sit there and take the heat.

So, what am I hopeful for?

I began a list and notebook and diagrams of 100 things I am hopeful for next year.

Here’s a sample:

I am hopeful for a new set of cooking pans, good quality cooking pans that cook well.  I want to make my own doughnuts and such.

I am hopeful for a new set of power tools and hand tools that I can use to fix bikes, fix windows, and build garden boxes, etc.

I am hopeful I can learn Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cooking.  These are my favorites.

I am hopeful for a new clothesline.

I am hopeful for a new fig tree and that the trees I have rooting right now will make it during the winter months and I can plant them in the spring.

I am hopeful for good health.

I am hopeful for all my sources of income and my future sources of income.

I am hopeful for strength.

I am hopeful for an awesome and prosperous and happy 2017 for my family and everyone I know, including all of you reading this.

What are you hopeful for?


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