Daily Prompt: Year

via Daily Prompt: Year

Year.  The image, picture that always comes to mind is 365 days.  365 doesn’t seem like much.  Sometimes they go fast, sometimes they can go slow.  365 rotations around the sun.  Yet in some ways an artificial time line.

As I pointed out in my piece from yesterday about “hopeful”, every culture has a different calendar and a different concept of a year.  A year may not always be 365 for some people in some places or for different religious and cultural observances.

A lot can change in 365 days.  It always does.  It is a boundary, a way to quantify.  A way to mark.

Five years ago today I made a decision that has changed my life since.  The concept of year is how I mark when that decision was made and I can look back and see how changes have occurred.

A year is a little but a lot at the same time.


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Year

  1. Seems like 2016 went way too fast; is that because I’m getting older and I would like life to slow down? Not sure. I look back at the year and see a lot of changes for the good. I see my grands growing up and becoming independent. I see your boys growing taller, enjoying life, and taking on new adventures. I believe what will get me through 2017 is focusing on what is good in my microcosm, this country, and in the world. Not ignoring the rough things but knowing that there still is good in the world will get me through.

    I am so thankful that many, many years ago your mom and I became friends even though we didn’t grow up together. Because she reached out it meant that I got to know you, your siblings and your families. That is much for which to be thankful. So, in that light, I will try to reach out to others in this new year as well.

    Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017.


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