Daily Prompt: Interior

via Daily Prompt: Interior

Inside.  Interior decorations.  Feng Shui.  Living space, working space.  Out of the weather.

Inside.  The real person.  The side most people don’t see.


In animals, particularly ones with shells, the outside is tough and the interior is soft and vulnerable.  The shell is for the interior protection of life and vital organs.  The human ribs act like this as well.

What do you think of when you read this word?


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Interior

  1. Since I know a few folks who deal with depression, that is the first thing that came to mind when I saw your word. For some it is hard to cope with life when having to fight the depression. For others it is possible to develop skills to keep those feelings at bay. Life can’t be easy for them.

    Another thought about interior is home. Our home can be a sanctuary. As soon as we walk through the door we let out a big sigh and can relax. For some that isn’t the case, however. I think of refugees, and those dealing with abuse, and those who feel unwanted; the interior of their homes are not safe places.

    Another is shelter. We are sheltering a neighbor’s cat because he doesn’t always have access to the garage where his food and bed are. He comes here as needed. If only all animals and people would have access to safe shelter.


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