Daily Prompt: Gone

via Daily Prompt: Gone

Gone.  Over.  Finished.  Vanished.  End.  No more.  Done.  Completed. None.

How many times per day do we use this word?  Something is eaten and we say it’s gone. This is a favorite and popular word to teach young children.  All gone, yummy in the tummy.

We lose something and it’s gone.  I recently had an earring I paid for, one of the more expensive sets I have, roll into the bathroom sink pipe.  I didn’t even bother because cleaning out the drain looking for it would make me sick.  It’s gone, I told myself.

Going, going, gone.  How many times have we heard this as well?

This is also a word used in many expressions and idioms.

How has your day gone?  / The mailman is long gone./ Where has she gone?

Where else have you gone today?


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