via Daily Prompt: Specific

Yesterday I ran a small class about Archimedes.  Do you know who he is?  I knew the name and knew I had heard it in high school geometry.  So I gave myself a crash course about Archimedes.  He has been dead a very long time but what he gave the world we still use today whether or not we think about it.

Math is a very specific subject.  So is language.  Science theories and formulas are very specific.  Art you have wiggle room.  Music is specific but there is still wiggle room for interpretation.

While I was going through videos about pi, Archimedes formula for circumference over diameter, there was plenty of talk about how pi after the 3.14 part, can go on for infinity but in reality all numbers can as well.  That is being very specific.

As humans many times we have problems with or don’t like things that are specific. However, people also need things to be specific like a recipe for for cooking or the phone programming to work.  Those types of things need to be specific.

If I sat and made a list about all of the people, places, and things that I come into contact with on a daily or weekly basis, my guess is about 95% of them have to be specific or do with specific things.

We cannot survive without specific.


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