Revisiting “Harry Potter”

The last couple of weeks during driving time I’ve had the opportunity to revisit with the first two books of Harry Potter.

The last time I read about the young wizard was at a very different time in my life.  I enjoyed the books but by the time the last one came out, I couldn’t get through it.  Too dark, too long.

I forgot how much of a commentary on society the series is.  I forgot how much Harry and his friends are not hidden from the realities and dangers of the wizard world and the reality of darkness in life.  Harry begins his journey at eleven years old and was not hidden nor shielded from the tough realities of his past or what hides at Hogwarts.  Yes, secrets abound but the adults treat him with respect.

The students are students.  The adults are adults.  No matter where you go, people are people.  There is excitement, joy, heartbreak, and loss.  We are our choices, as Dumbledore reminds him.

How different would this series be now?  Everyone with cell phones and tablets?  Would they be learning potions with their noses in a tablet?

I’m glad that women are not downgraded in this series and that even though Harry is an orphan, he gives voice to the fact that his mother died while trying to protect him.  After reading hundreds of insidious books where Mom is missing with no explanation this is a relief.  His parents loved him and fought for him until the end.

Good must always fight evil.


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