Lessons from Queen

Queen Victoria, that is.

I caught most of PBS’s “Victoria” during a very slow, no-hitter shift at EMS.  (Yes, they do happen.  Most likely because it was cold.)

As a budding politician and now seven year business owner, it was a good exposure.  I know about the Victorian Age from English Literature and the pictures of a plump, elderly Victoria school subjected me to, but I’ve never been one for royal lineage and royal politics.  I know it was living through the era of Princess Diana and her tragic death that turned me off to it.  Yet I also know people who eat this stuff up.  Shakespeare had opened my horizons to some of it but otherwise besides Henry VIII, my reactions are mainly nonchalant.  I find royal history most fascinating from a genetic point of view and how all of the monarchs of Europe all intermarried and passed around their gene pool.  (Last tsar of Russia, anyone?)

I don’t think I ever really stopped to think about an eighteen year-old running the largest empire, at that time, on Earth.  Remember the axiom: the sun never sets on the British Empire?  And a woman to boot.  One of the original, or in the line of, many a “nasty woman”.  (I’ve been called worse in all of my years.)  After seeing what she went through, some things never change.  Yet unlike for most of us, she couldn’t just walk away.  Victoria was born into royalty and she had no choice.  This was going to be her life and she had tough lessons to learn.  All the while with people undermining her.

People tell me I should apologize to people who have wronged me or I can’t move on.  I refuse to apologize.  I didn’t do the wronging. I never see people apologize, why should I? Few people have apologized to me and I’m not groveling at someone’s feet who hurt and abused me.

Victoria, I wish I could speak with you right now.  I know you weren’t perfect and criticism always remains close and yes, it is never easy at the top and very lonely.  How did you do it?  What was it like?  I wish you could speak.


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