Okay, so I haven’t written for a while.  I was supposed to be doing a blog challenge but that has fizzled as other items have taken precedence.

Whenever I hear this word or think of this word, I think of something that has broken and needs another part or there are two or more of the same objects.  I’ve been through my share of breaking cars and a part always has a replacement.  I also think of actors when someone is not available for their role, they have to have a replacement.

One thing you cannot replace are living beings.  When I say this, I mean a person or a tree or an animal because each is unique.

via Daily Prompt: Replacement


2 thoughts on “Replacement

  1. Bodies can have replacements too, like my knees, and heart transplants, kidneys, etc. Even artificial limbs for humans and animals. So very thankful for them. Losing someone, or some critter in our lives is another thing, indeed. They cannot be replaced, but a part of them lives on within us, which is also something for which to be thankful especially if it was a good relationship. Losing trees to logging, strip mining, etc. stinks because it can take a long time for others to grow in their place, but at least there is that option which is taken seriously nowadays. Another loss I think about, which takes time to replace, if it it even happens, is habitat. Where do the wildlife go when we clear cut, build developments and roads, etc. Thanks for the opportunity to reflect a bit, Ange.

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