via Daily Prompt: Opaque

This word always makes me think of jewelry and geology.  There is some kind of hidden beauty in items that are opaque.

Even the word, when it roles off of your tongue.


We are the….


I bet most people can fill in the rest of the lyrics from Queen’s song.

Champion: #1, on top, gold winner, strongest, best, on top.

But what really makes a champion?  If someone does something and completes it, shouldn’t they also be considered a champion?

One can also be a champion of a cause like human rights and the environment.  Does this person not also deserve recognition?


via Daily Prompt: Climbing

Climbing is a natural human instinct.  If we didn’t have the need to climb, playgrounds and jungle gyms wouldn’t exist and neither would rock climbing places for adults.

Grab and grasp with your hands and find a place for your feet and swing up.

Hiking also includes climbing.  I was on a hike this past week and the ranger was trying to show us how to climb the trail without tiring out.

Humans climb whatever they can find, just ask any parents and caregivers of toddlers.

Off of the top of my head the things we climb:

Furniture, stairs, chairs, steps, roofs, rock walls, trees, mountains, hiking paths, summits.

In English we also use this word to talk about going up and progressing in work, life, careers.  There is so much talk about “climbing the ladder”.  To where?  More money? More responsibility?  A higher floor?

If you watched the TV series “Mad Men”, there was always the undertone, the elephant in the room, about who was really doing all the work but never able to climb.

Climb up and climb down.  Climb backwards, climb forwards.

We climb no matter where we go and no matter what situation we are in.


via Daily Prompt: Measure

I have a couple of measuring cups in my cabinets.  I need those when I cook, or do I? Sometimes I use mugs if the measuring cups are dirty.  I only use measuring cups for the big stuff.  The food I usually make I can usually eyeball the amounts.

I used a ruler to measure a craft project I am working on.

I checked my statistics on my site here to measure how many people have looked, the silver and the gold.  (Think Girl Scouts.)

I work in education where everything is measured.  Or is it?  How can you truly measure what someone knows and what skills they have?  Your measurement may not fit into what the other human being knows.  One can be book smart but lack street smarts or one can be street smart and not know how to pass the test.  Does one have a choice in life?

A test measures what someone wants and then what you can give back.

I posted on Facebook yesterday that you can never truly get to know a person until you sit and talk with them.  I prefer to commune over food and coffee when I can.

Everything in life is about measuring and numbers.  Weight, height, blood sugar, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol.  Heart rate, blood pressure. Measure the numbers and where do the numbers fit?

Age, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number.  Grades.  Rank.  Pass or fail.  Inches, feet.  Password with numbers.  Employee code and identification. Distance between two points.  Metric or American measurement?  Temperature.

Our lives come down to numbers and measurements.



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