via Daily Prompt: Climbing

Climbing is a natural human instinct.  If we didn’t have the need to climb, playgrounds and jungle gyms wouldn’t exist and neither would rock climbing places for adults.

Grab and grasp with your hands and find a place for your feet and swing up.

Hiking also includes climbing.  I was on a hike this past week and the ranger was trying to show us how to climb the trail without tiring out.

Humans climb whatever they can find, just ask any parents and caregivers of toddlers.

Off of the top of my head the things we climb:

Furniture, stairs, chairs, steps, roofs, rock walls, trees, mountains, hiking paths, summits.

In English we also use this word to talk about going up and progressing in work, life, careers.  There is so much talk about “climbing the ladder”.  To where?  More money? More responsibility?  A higher floor?

If you watched the TV series “Mad Men”, there was always the undertone, the elephant in the room, about who was really doing all the work but never able to climb.

Climb up and climb down.  Climb backwards, climb forwards.

We climb no matter where we go and no matter what situation we are in.


One thought on “Climbing

  1. Your posting, Ange, reminds me of The Sound of Music song, “Climb every mountain…” I think of how we “climb” to reach the next goal, in our life, for example, we might save enough for an apartment or a house, a car, a trip, even a child. Work awhile, save money, and then reach up for that next goal. Even if something interferes we try to pick up our boot straps and start climbing again.The important thing is to take the time to rest, and to have some fun along the way.

    Right now, I think about how everyone hopes they can reach those goals, but life knocks them down a lot. I think of the people fleeing their homeland because of violence. They want to climb the mountain, too, but can ‘t escape destruction, poverty, lack of healthcare, racism, etc, etc. Do we, in our everyday struggles, close our minds to “the other” just because we are comfortable in our own situation? I see a lot of that with some of our elected leaders as well as others. It isn’t my experience so I can ignore it.

    Wow, I didn’t mean to rant so. I appreciate your thoughtful postings; they sure do make me think.

    Sending hugs, Ange.


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