Blue Bloods

May begins the month I volunteer at the local Marsh.

Little by little I will share this with you.

Also this month horseshoe crabs begin their mating and egg laying on the shores of the Atlantic and on the beaches of Asia as well.

They frighten a lot of people.  They are living fossils people fear because of the way they look.

Yet they save human lives each and every day.

Have you been to the hospital and/ or had a transplant?  Horseshoe crab blood is used to test for the dreaded Ecoli bacteria on medical equipment and instruments.

Humans have red blood due to the high iron content and horseshoe crabs have blue blood due to high copper content.  They also have a a chemical in their blood called LAL: limulus amebocyte lysate.  LAL is the only (yes, only) chemical on earth, so far, that can be used to test on medical equipment.

Thank a horseshoe crab for helping to save your life or the life of someone you know and for helping to make medical procedures possible.


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