Full Moon

If you’ve been following the most recent posts, I’ve been talking about different components of horseshoe crabs.

I haven’t been down to the beach or marsh to see if I can find or see their laying grounds. I hope all of them came up and are coming up and they have made it to lay their eggs. They come up on soft sand beaches and lay their eggs.

I hope they all make it back out.

My posts have shown me how political these animals are.  I have been getting a lot of support and also see the hate they bring out in people.

God speed, every horseshoe crab.  As we say in public safety, be safe out there.  You have long journeys to make.  I hope as many of your eggs can make it as they can.  We humans and some shorebirds need you.


One thought on “Full Moon

  1. Hi “Ange,
    Wish I lived close to the water so I could see the horseshoe crabs again. When I was little, up until I was 9, I lived about two blocks from Long Island Sound. I loved that. Wouldn’t mind living near the water again.

    It is sad that there is anything political about how people react to the horseshoe crabs, or any living creature. We all need to learn to co-exist with all living beings, even the humans with whom we disagree.

    Thinking of you all, and thanks for Your Mind in Bloom; I don’t always get to read them, but when I do there is always something that makes me think.

    Sending hugs for all of you. Jeanne


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