Daily Prompt: Imaginary

via Daily Prompt: Imaginary

Image.  Imaginary.

An image is something we see, isn’t it?  Or not?  Everything is an image and has an image.  Yet how a person sees an image depends on their background and way of seeing and believing.  Many times we see and feel and do not want to believe.  Every person creates their own image.

World religions teach that humans come from an image of a higher Being.  All religions are built around some sort of image and need to use images to teach whether they be human or not.

Photographs and paintings and creations are also dependent on images and what the creator is hoping to show and explain.

Many people learn better with images than with words.

Human brains process images every millisecond.

So if humans process images why are the words ‘image’ and ‘imaginary’ linked in the English language?  We are taught imaginary is something that is not real.  Again, dependent on one’s belief system.  One can say if you can touch or feel it with your five senses it is not imaginary.  What if a person is missing a sense?  Another takes over but if something is real to one person is it imaginary to another?

Places someone has not been may only be imaginary until experienced or a person they have never met.  Or a character in a book.  Yet everyone imagines the same character differently.

Who and what is something, someone, or an experience real or imaginary to and why?


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