God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

The plot of this satire from 1965 by Kurt Vonnegut is simple: same family, same fortune, two sides.  The only signal this is not a recent work is the lack of cell phones and social media.

The characters are real, recognizable, and so are the places if you are familiar with them. One day tour of a mansion?  Yup, I’ve been in one of those mansions that line streets near famous breakwaters.  The only difference is now the family’s inheritance and the family has disappeared.

The one family member that is seen as eccentric by the family but everyone else adores? Been here as well.

The surprise ending?  That as well.

If you want an easy read, great dialogue, and a little light reading, this is for you. Vonnegut gives a great slice of life with many giggles in between.


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