In Memory

I’m doing something a little different here today.  A local author died a few days ago.  I don’t know if I ever met him directly but I did read his book.  The book focuses on local politics and I don’t believe I reviewed it on here.

I’m putting up the link to the local article.  Maybe those of you reading this who like politics will read this.  My local area has a very fascinating history when it comes to politics and is one of the most controversial in the area.

Here is the link:



Interesting Facts about Ferns — Living, Learning and Letting Go

One part of our Greenbelt restoration site has so many ferns. I decided to read some articles about ferns and was fascinated by what I learned. Ferns have been on earth for 360 million years. The type of ferns we see now have been here for 45-50 million years. Dinosaurs ate ferns, conifers, cycads and […]

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