Book Review: The Professor of Truth by James Robertson

The protagonist in this book, Alan Tealing, really struck me.  Alan is someone like myself who has what he has and then something unexpected and outside of his realm changed him forever.

From the opening words in this story of one man’s journey, both emotional and physical, Alan is captivating and the ending can’t come fast enough.

This book is also a work of philosophy, in a sense.  Alan has been waiting for answers for years while at the same time becoming an undocumented expert in an area he never imagined he would be one in.

One of his coworkers calls him a “professor of truth”.  Truth is in the eye of the beholder and the one telling the story.  One person’s truth is not another person’s truth, even if they are in the exact same situation.

Alan wants the truth yet at the same time realizes that he will never know the whole truth about the truth he is seeking.  He also learns much of what is known as “truth” is not true and is fabricated to fit a situation.

This book will leave you breathless and wanting more.  A must read.


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