Daily Prompt: Tether

via Daily Prompt: Tether

This has been sitting in my hold pile for a while.

Tether.  This word always make me think of tethering a horse and not being able to go anywhere.

Currently the State of Connecticut, where I live, and the Town I live in, have both (as of my writing this) as of yet to pass a budget.  There is a lot of talk where the money that is needed will eventually come from.  Not one person wants more taxes and the politicians are really digging around to find ways to tax, like on cell phone bills and usage, within the State.  (One proposal I read.)

The taxes may come from things we are tethered to whether we want to be or not.  I can’t have my business, run it, without my cell phone.  I know I speak for others as well.

I know we all feel tethered at times.  Life is responsibility and responsibility is life.  Responsibility tethers us, there is no way around it.

Are we horses?  No.  Can we untether ourselves?  Yet then the question is at what cost and at what cost to ourselves and others?

One thought on “Daily Prompt: Tether

  1. I agree, Ange, that we are tethered to our phones and the internet. They are essential in this day and time, I am thankful for them. I use them to keep in touch with family and friends (so important), and to have my cell phone with me every time I get in the car is crucial (without it one time that our car broke down, late at night, would have been a disaster).

    The issue of where to get funds when our county, state, federal government, need more money is a huge issue. Sharing the burden through taxation has been the answer, but we all must be taxed fairly. I see all too often that the rich aren’t taxed on all of their income, or they find loopholes to avoid taxation. That is so wrong. To put the burden on the middle class and the poor is wrong. To see those who have the power be wasteful is disgusting (like those who travel for personal reasons, but use taxpayer funds). To see the leaders get benefits like healthcare for the rest of their lives while our vets don’t enjoy the same, and benefits for the poor, like healthcare and food stamps are cut is just wrong.

    We seem to have lost our moral compass. There seems to be a lack of compassion and empathy; why?

    Sorry, I’m ranting here. Your concern is for your community now more than ever since you are part of trying to be the solution. I know it would be hard to be taxed once again, but as long as it is fair across all members of the community, then I would think folks would go along with it. Wish I had a good solution.


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