Super Humans

Interested in the different, unusual, and strange?  This book is for you.  Do you like hoaxes?  This book is for you.  Super Humans has stories for everyone and all of the strange.  This is a great book for ages 8 to adult and especially for the non-readers who like short and sweet.

There are a lot of shorts about mummies, bugs, germs, futuristic science, hoaxes, and lots of weird creatures.

The full title is Planet Earth News Presents Super Humans by Keltie Thomas and published by Maple Tree Press out of Canada.


Review: The Warriors

This book received a 2007 Nutmeg Book Award and I found it in the discard pile at a local library.  If your child, or yourself, is a fan of lacrosse and of Native American studies, this is a great book to read.

Jake is a star lacrosse player for his Canadian Native American reservation.  (I hate this word by the way, I never understood why people continue to call reservations a reservation.). His mother comes and takes him with her to Maryland.  Jake ends up playing lacrosse for his new private/ boarding school.  In the end he shows an ultimate kindness to someone who mocks him for his background.

This book is great for ages 8 and up, especially sports fans.

Underappreciated Day

November 3 has been marked as “Housewife’s Day”.  It really should be called “Underappreciated Day” or something similar.

The site where I was reading about it, called “Days of the Year” ( talks about how the origins are unknown.  What is this, a treat yourself day before the winter holidays break loose?

Again, again, and again there are statistics about the uncounted for hours and monetary value of house work.  Notice that the day is not “House Keeper’s Day”, that would mean something totally different.  Also, this excludes the men who stay home to care for their families as well as LGBT families.  Additionally, it leaves out the people who take care of ailing or sick family members.

House care and house work is a boring, tedious part of life.  Ask any child or adult who does chores.  Yes, some people thrive on chores and laundry yet most people cannot deal with the chaos that uncleaned houses brings.

As an EMT, walking in the front door of someone’s house immediately tells you what kind of person you are going to be dealing with.  I’ve seen plenty of houses where the person has given up and they don’t care.  There are also many, many people in less affluent areas where the houses are sparkling clean inside and you want to tip toe across their floors so as not to dirty them.

Also, my clients who are in transition come to me with the societal bias that their caregiving work means nothing towards their paid work and/ or professional skills, especially on a resume.  I spend a lot of time talking with them about what they have done and in most cases do.  People undervalue caregiving and daily maintenance work and what it takes to do this kind of work.  People are running households on budgets comparable with those of a small business.  People are leading civic groups and raising money for community projects that otherwise would not be funded.  People are running small little mom and pop enterprises.  All of this at the same time as being labeled a “housewife”.

So, the next time someone asks you “What do you do all day?” the answer should be “Let me show you my list”.

Life Hack: Don’t Fluff Your Resume

I spent three well-spent hours with a client today putting together their resume.  Fluff came up in our conversation more than once.

My client is currently working for a student recruiter and is screening applicants.  They told me how people like to fluff their resumes, especially for certain industries that require a certain amount of experience.

Don’t fluff your resume.  You will be found out.

Would you like me to bore you with the details of how I’ve been helping people with resumes for over 20 years now?  I told my client how tutoring English turned into this.  I need help with English.  Oh, and, can you help me with my resume?

People like to fluff themselves up.  It’s a human trait we don’t discuss that often or don’t care to discuss.  Yet that is why applying for work takes weeks and very drop of blood in your body.  Your future employer wants to make sure you are not fluffing yourself up.

Yes, I have heard stories from clients about the coworker who is the stripper cum banker and my client is like: How did this stripper cum banker get the job?

They fluffed and got lucky.  Or maybe their references lied.  Or maybe…..I don’t want to think about it here.

Fluff your pillows, your sheets, your hair, your cat, your dog.  Don’t fluff yourself.  Everyone has war stories to be shared while swigging a cocktail or smoking a cigarette outside with your coworkers.  Share those.  We’ve all had our share of the experience from hell.  Heck, fluff that story yet don’t lie.  Fluff won’t ease your landing in other piles you are going to find yourself landing in.


Review: Pictures of Hollis Woods

Hollis Woods is trouble, or is she?

As this story unfolds, the reader meets Hollis in both the past and present.  Hollis has been written off and Hollis is always running.  Yet now Hollis finds herself in a situation where she must care for herself and her caregiver.  As this story unfolds, Hollis reveals what happened to get her to where she is now.

An excellent, inspirational story.  A must read, especially for preteens and teens.

Review: Buck Up, Suck Up……

2002 seems like a million years ago, even though it was only 15 years ago.

And a warning: this book is very political.  If you don’t like politics, don’t read this book.  Yet this book provides some very good advice and points that can be applied to all areas of life.

The subtitle is “12 Winning Secrets From The War Room”.

Best secret of all?  Work your tail off if you want something.

And they include some recipes and some really good stories and some suggestions about working with people.


Daily Prompt: Tether

via Daily Prompt: Tether

This has been sitting in my hold pile for a while.

Tether.  This word always make me think of tethering a horse and not being able to go anywhere.

Currently the State of Connecticut, where I live, and the Town I live in, have both (as of my writing this) as of yet to pass a budget.  There is a lot of talk where the money that is needed will eventually come from.  Not one person wants more taxes and the politicians are really digging around to find ways to tax, like on cell phone bills and usage, within the State.  (One proposal I read.)

The taxes may come from things we are tethered to whether we want to be or not.  I can’t have my business, run it, without my cell phone.  I know I speak for others as well.

I know we all feel tethered at times.  Life is responsibility and responsibility is life.  Responsibility tethers us, there is no way around it.

Are we horses?  No.  Can we untether ourselves?  Yet then the question is at what cost and at what cost to ourselves and others?