“On Immunity” by Eula Biss Review

I admit, the cover of this book caught my eye and then I read the title. On Immunity. Something different.

Ms. Biss writes for everyone. I know a lot of people who won’t read because the book may be “too scholarly” or “too boring.” Yet as an EMT and watching the headlines about measles coming back around, this is the book to read. Ms. Biss writes about an issue that touches us all and everyone has an opinion on. She does it from a very concise, blatant, and very personal point-of-view. The research she put into this also comes across clearly and you can tell from what she writes and the way she writes that she actually researched everything in depth. Additionally, topics that many people may downplay or not have thought about in a long time Ms. Biss brings back to relevance.

Each section/chapter is only a few pages long with interesting notes at the end. People have told me they don’t read the notes but there is value in the information that isn’t in the main part of the book.

My local library will get this book back in the next day or two. I hope everyone will go out and read this book.