Photo Challenge: Transient

via Photo Challenge: Transient

I don’t have a photo I’ve taken for this word.  Someday.  Yet for right now the word can be discussed.

Transient population.  This expression always pops into mind.

Yet what does it mean to be transient?

This is a word that is related to transport, transportation, transfigure, transpose to go across something.  The suffix trans- and moving of some sort.

Does owning a home mean one is not transient?  Staying in one place for a long while?

What about nature?  Most animals are transient, constantly on the move.  For them being transient is a good thing, usually, and they are listening to what their body, more specifically something in their neurological and reproductive system, is telling them to do.

Are we humans meant to be transient?  Our ancestors were.  Yet being classified as a “transient” today is a negative thing.  Is that because one may not be part of a community for a long while?



via Daily Prompt: Radiate

To radiate.  This word has its’ positive and negative meanings and connotations.  The positive have to do with warmth and beauty the negative have to do with health and pollution and environment.  Or do they cross over in some way?

Right now my computer and cell phone are giving off radiation.  Why are we told not to worry about this?  A lot of people disagree.  Radiation from nuclear fallout, atoms hitting each other.  Yes, there is natural radiation from the sun that we can’t live without. Radiation provides us with so much that we may not be able to comprehend it all in one sitting.  However, I don’t understand why radiation is used in medicine and for cancer patients.

I love sunflowers and they radiate happiness.  Big, strong, tall, and bright.

When someone is smiling from ear to ear, people say they are radiating happiness.

People who are empaths know that others radiate emotions, like a radio tower, and they tune into them.

How many things, good and bad, radiate in our lives?

Vice Away

Spoiler: Without some kind of vice……..

The hardest part about English is that one word may have several different meanings in different parts of speech.  I was working with clients today and going over prepositions (are you falling asleep yet?) and they asked about the word “away”.  Away is not a preposition.  It is mainly an adverb but can also be a noun.

Okay, on to the word “vice”.

In English we have Vice President, viceroy, vice.  Vice comes from Latin and is one of those words that didn’t change over between the languages.

Viceroy is a ruler.

Vice President is second in command.

A quick search also showed that “vice” can mean a substitute for another but is not a common usage.  But you never know….

Most people are familiar with vice in regards to criminals.  For example, the show “Miami Vice” and most police departments have a narcotics and vice division.  Vice is what society deems illegal.

But everyone has their vices, whether it is chocolate or gambling.

Without some kind of vice, we are not human.  Something to ponder.


What is precious? Can we all agree on something?

Life and time are precious. People we love are precious. Yet then we must also remember even the people that are not precious to us are precious, we hope, to someone else.

How we use our time, our skills, our money is precious.

Animals are precious, trees, nature: anything that helps us to survive.

A child’s favorite stuffed toy.


What is precious to you?


The song….you seem so faraway.

Faraway: physically, emotionally.

You can be talking to someone right in front of you and be faraway.

What was faraway as a child now is very short as an adult.

Long, long ago in a galaxy, far, far away….

I did this today with one of my students. Their book wanted to know what their favorite story is and they are going through s huge “Star Wars” kick right now.

I don’t want to be faraway. I want to be here.

If I am faraway, please be a place I love and that is on my bucket list.

Group Discussion, or not?

Again, from a prompt….the ideal conversation….

First, we all talk to ourselves.  It helps us figure things out, settle us.

Second, it depends on the situation.  I may personally prefer one-to-one in order to get to know someone.  Yet sometimes putting people in with a third, or fourth, or in a large group totally changes dynamics and may reveal a lot about someone.

Some people like to be in control of group situations and some people will only talk when with one or two other people.

Having been in many different types of classrooms over the years, I can instantly tell you who my talkers will be and who my silent ones will be.  Trying to get the silent ones to talk is a challenge I relish.  Yet, if the talkers aren’t around, the silent ones immediately open up and they always know so much more than they give themselves credit for.

This is why I like one-on-one and small groups when given the opportunity.

This is also why coffee shops are popular.  They give the opportunity for one-on-one and small group discussion.

What is your favorite type of conversation?

Missing the Blue Planet….

This is from a prompt….

I caught about twenty five minutes of a local radio segment today about Sir Isaac Newton. Remember him? One of the many people we learned about in school.  One of the many people whose pictures are of someone in a big, white wig.  Then the immortal story of how he discovered gravity when an apple hit him on the head.

Well, even in the twenty-five minutes, the person discussing him shared a lot more about him.

Newton didn’t have it easy and ended up having a God-complex.  Yet he invented calculus and self-studied and self-learned.

If I lived on Mars, I would miss little “aha” moments like this.

I would miss sitting in my car, the sun shining, birds flying past my windshield, the sky blue, trees whistling softly in the little wind, listening to someone share their knowledge about a person my education didn’t teach me about.

I would miss the seasons, the full moon and its’ awesome glow.

I would miss the radio programs.

Heck, I would miss gravity and then would have to relearn another type of gravity all together without an apple tree to help me.

I’ll stay.


Thank you, WordPress, for the prompt: Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

First, I would give those wishes to people who have helped and supported me over the years.  We all have our wishes.  I would give them to people who could spread what I give to others so that it would not be just for themselves.

Person One: The person who just had to go into debt to fix a major household repair.  I will grant them enough money to pay back the repair but enough to put into savings that will help in the future and everyone else in their family.

Person Two: The person who needs a home of their choice because the one they had was destroyed in a natural disaster.  I will grant them enough money to buy and support that home.

Person Three: The person who needs money to pay for school, college, medical school, to support their family and not have to go into debt for it.  I will grant them enough money to pay for all expenses so they won’t have to go into debt.