Great Surprises Come at Unexpected Times With Your Mind in Bloom, LLC April 9, 2021

We had 3 nice surprises this week back-to-back. One client gained a State license, one client began a new position, and another passed a quiz and test with 90+ on both.

We covered a lot of different areas this week. We also caught up with a couple of past clients on their new journeys.

We worked on writing, subtraction, workplace ethics, goals, time management, distribution, multiplication, microorganisms, data sets, and basic statistics.

Have an awesome week, everyone!

When the Small Things Are the Biggest Things in What Your Mind in Bloom, LLC Does 4/2/2021

The cliche says, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Here at Your Mind in Bloom, LLC we do sweat the small stuff with our clients because it’s the small stuff that does matter and as much as we celebrate the big stuff, the small stuff does matter because at some point, the small stuff turns into the big stuff.

The small stuff includes a client not crying when asked to compute simple math and having the right answer, even just one, without tears.

The small stuff includes a client beginning the process of organizing their assignments.

We had lots of “small stuff” this week that we are grateful for.

Random Thoughts 3/28/2021

Dear Connecticut, Remember the great tree slaughter back in 2017? So what the heck is going on with the CT legislature this year? Is it the distractions and all the cat fighting going on with the big roll out? Or is everyone sleeping behind their Zoom screens? I spent years when I was younger sending emails and letters to my reps about issues and things still continue to fall on deaf ears even all of these years later. Complete S-I-L-E-N-C-E. I even had one of mine run away from me at a public event this year. Thank goodness they have the excuse of people wearing masks that they didn’t know it was me. I didn’t even know about this until I received an email this morning. Now the CT Legislature wants to let private companies, mainly UI, in this case, act as tree wardens when they have no training. Let’s see, maybe I’ll let someone not trained as a dentist take care of my teeth. If you want some random person authorizing the cutting down of a tree on your property, by all means, support this. Here’s the email: Despite lengthy testimony in opposition, Raised Senate Bill 950 has made it out of committee and is continuing to move along in it’s original form. It is now referred to the Office of Legislative Research and Fiscal Analysis. This bill would allow the utilities the authority to prune or remove trees along the utility backbone without the involvement and authority of the Municipal Tree Warden or the notification of abutters. At this point, it is imperative that you contact your local representatives and voice your concerns over this bill and the removal of a Tree Wardens’ authority. Tree Wardens are public officials, professional and trained representatives of the towns you serve, and often serve as an intermediary between the utilities and the public.Go ahead with your cat fights over Zoom while the people you chose to represent you are hurting your property values, taking away your freedoms of choice, and completely ignoring you like they would the Borg because you won’t pick up the phone or send a 2 minute email or sign one of the numerous petitions circulating. Don’t ever tell me I didn’t warn you when one day you wake up with no freedoms, no birds singing, no horseshoe crabs to protect your medical equipment, and no trees to cover your baking house in 100 degree heat and you have to pay utility bills through the yin-yang because more deregulation was snuck in last minute (it does happen, I see it all the time and it might even happen tomorrow or Friday morning) while you pried into people’s personal business because the government and media told you it is “patriotic” to do so. It’s patriotic to tell the people who represent you how you feel and hold them accountable. You pay their salaries, you pay for all the paper, ink, and supplies these monstrosities they are calling “bills” are written on, the heat in their offices, gas, etc., and they rely on your SILENCE to sneak their own personal agendas in under your nose. Leaders LEAD and not hide and run away from their constituents. They have those tough conversations, they respond to your phone calls and emails, your social media posts, they take your point-of-view and thoughts into consideration before casting their final ballot. They signed up and spent a lot of money to be doing this and then act like Janus, one head one way, one head the other. I have more respect for people who, even if they vote a way I don’t like, will at least hear me out first, acknowledge my input, and not doublespeak when telling me why they are voting the way they are. My 2 cents, take it or leave it.

Helping Our Clients Get What They Want With Your Mind in Bloom, LLC Week Ending 3/26/21

Our week took a few interesting twists and turns with our clients.

We started out with using different different ways to work on the concepts of subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions. We worked on distribution properties and factoring. We also went over the different types of fractions and how to convert them. Additionally, we reviewed graphing, substitution, and rations.

We learned new vocabulary through a Minecraft book and Explode the Code.

One client finally agreed to try writing, a huge leap.

We helped two clients with medical terminology and vocabulary. We continued with note organization for cosmetology.

As always, we helped with business and resume writing.

Have an awesome week everyone!

Going Over All Of The Ways to Compute Numbers With Your Mind in Bloom, LLC 3/19/2021

We opened our week with a very important question: How many ways can you multiply to 20? We stopped what we were doing and began going through the various “number sentences”:

1 x 20 = 20

20 x 1= 20

2 x 10 = 20

10 x 2 = 20

4 x 5 = 20

5 x 4 = 20

We also connected with our clients’ learning teams.

We attended the conference for the Conservation Training Program we participated in last year where we learned about different ecological studies and programs.

Two compliments we received this week: I love the way you made the story flow and Angela cares! I’ve known her & her business for over a decade. She’s more than professional. You’ll be pleasantly surprised! She doesn’t have to overpromise, she just delivers!

We worked with our clients on basic adding and subtracting. Let your children use their fingers and start with the larger number in the equation. We also worked on middle school math, PEDMAS, exponents, changing fractions to decimals, the difference between 0.02 and 0.20, data sets, line graphs, vocabulary, and language arts.

On the writing side, we edited a business owner’s story about their personal journey, updated a resume from a previous client, and helped another previous client with a position application that included essays.

Both the Birds and Your Mind in Bloom, LLC Singing Good Tidings of Client Growth and Renewal 3/12/2021

As we sit here with our windows open and are watching the birds land on and perch on the edge of the roof, we hear many more types of birds singing around us. Like the birds, we like singing about what our clients have accomplished because we are helping our clients sing loudly.

One conversation we had this week several times over is singing your own praises. When searching for work or any type of opportunity, you need to let people know what you have accomplished. Yes, there remains a fine line between bragging and telling people about your accomplishments. Yet if you don’t tell people about what you have accomplished and in some cases, earned and done for them, how are they going to know?

We also helped our clients with math including subtraction, slope, data sets, multiplication, and problem solving. Small successes include watching people not struggling and understanding how to solve problems.

Other subjects we covered included science, English grammar, and and vocabulary.

Today’s Reactions 3/10/2021

Thinking big, looking for people who need help or know people who need help. I’m also looking for people who help those people like counselors, social workers, religious/ spiritual leaders, parents, friends, and family . I’m looking for people trying to pass government licensing tests, looking for people who are academically failing, people who are struggling to express their work experience, people who need to learn or improve their English, people who struggle with learning.

So true. I help people with resumes. They want to pile everything in because they feel the generic terms on the internet are going to get them a position over their actual accomplishments. I’ve had people who have raked in millions for their employers tell me they want to use “detail oriented”. Also, it’s all about network, network, network and many people feel stuck because they’ve been with one company for years and haven’t expanded their outreach or have never been given the experience of networking. If you know someone who can vouch for you, it helps. It’s easier if you know someone going in. I’ve also had clients who think networking is just using social media and not following up. It’s a very frustrating and long process.

Fresh Snow Doesn’t Cover Our Clients’ Accomplishments at Your Mind in Bloom, LLC 2/19/21

We’re closing out our week a little later than normal. We hope everyone is doing well with the weather no matter where you are.

Questions abounded this week. Keep them coming.

A quick wrap up: resumes, math, science, writing, information analysis, and grammar.

We discovered a park that is new to us.

We hope everyone has a great week!

We Are Proud of Our Clients’ New Weekly Wins and Improvements with Your Mind in Bloom, LLC for the Week Ending January 22, 2021

Our week began with this email:

I wanted to let you know that while the City has not gotten back to us, M put the revised resume online and received a call from a recruiter as a result! He was hired at a manufacturing plant for quality assurance five minutes from our house, with a great schedule.
Thank you so much again! I wanted to make sure I let you know as I know you like to share your successes on social media. That’s what convinced me to contact you in the first place.

We also brought out our horseshoe crab presentation to a local crafters’ market, shared our horseshoe crab presentation online through Eventbrite, worked on skip counting, multiplication, spelling, adding with carrying, irregular fractions, basic algebra, cosmetology, anatomy and physiology, test prep, study skills, time management, and medical jargon.

And we also met with 3 resume clients and as of this writing, have completed 2 of the 3 with a 4th carrying over from last week. One client is in the medical field, another is cosmetology and bookkeeping, the third is customer service oriented, and the fourth we finished works in the fashion industry.