Ideal Client/ Contract

You are my ideal client when…..

You understand plagiarism is not tolerated.  We do not tolerate plagiarism.

  1. You understand what I have done I have done for over 2, almost 3 decades, of my life.
  2. You understand my time is just as important as yours.
  3. You understand I have worked in situations and with people you would not want anywhere near you.
  4. You understand I also need to eat, pay bills, and take care of the ones I love just as much as you need to.
  5. You understand your “now” may not always be my “now”, and if it is, a $100 additional fee will be charged, upfront, via PayPal, and nothing will occur until the transaction takes place.
  6. You understand social media does not pay me to be on all of the time.
  7. You understand I have a phone number to communicate through.
  8. You understand I am on the same level and same level of respect as your doctor, therapist, your child’s teacher, etc. You understand I deserve the same respect and courtesy.  You understand I deserve the same payment of services for services rendered upfront. If you don’t believe I do, please stop reading here, and get out of my life.
  9. You understand I will catch you in your lies and I will never refer you for work, business, or anything else.  You understand I don’t want to be associated with liars and frauds.
  10. You understand that like any other professional, I have a set schedule along with other obligations. You understand I will accomodate you to the best of my ability and your ability and our mutual abilities. You understand the phone is the best way in which to communicate.
  11. You understand waiting until the last minute is not wise and does not promote learning and memory retention.  You understand that what I am helping you withis a process and not a one-stop, not a one-time “fix”, not a drive through, solution.
  12. You understand learning and change take time, being open to the process, the right motivations, the ability to ask questions, and openness to work through the process.
  13. You understand I will listen and help to the best of my ability but in the end YOU and only YOU complete the changes in your life.
  14. You understand what you are paying me is my calculated value and worth for my time, adjusted for reality and for my travel time to your choice of meeting spots.  You undertsand this will be adjusted as needed for circumstances and attitudes as needed.
  15. You understand I and those I love will not be publically humiliated or attacked in any venue or social media setting.  You understand that if you have a problem with me or issue with me, what I do, or what I believe, you have the following options to talk like adults: 1. Arrange to meet me in person in a public place at a mutually convenient place and time and we can talk about it 2. See Number 1
  16. You understand that just like yourself I don’t like being used or abused or belittled or jerked around.  You understand I am not your puppet.
  17. You understand if you talk behind my back I will find out and you understand I will be more than happy to share my side of the story.
  18. You understand I am a legally organized and incorporated business with the same responsibilities and obligations as the behemouths like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Cabela’s.  You understand I have expenses I have to pay, taxes I am required to pay, and other fees in order for my services to be available. You understand paying money is a form of support whether to myself, a large company, or the government.
  19. You understand that nothing in this world is for free and neither am I.
  20. You understand that if this relationship does not work out, I have a list of trusted referrals I will give to you.
  21. You understand that if you use this without my permission and appropriate compensation of $250 dollars, I will find you and seek appropriate compensation.  
  22. You understand I am who I am, just like the Bible says, and I will help and do as I see fit from my experience.  You understand my experience is my experience, not anyone else’s. You understand I am not changing myself to fit your standards or view of the world.
  23. You understand I expect full payment upon completion of services via cash or check.  You understand I am not a bank and please have appropriate funds ready.
  24. You understand you will sign up for a set time and we will establish a meeting place.
  25. You understand you have 24 hours to read and think this over.  You understand if I do not hear from you within 24 hours, I will assume there is no relationship, this is not valid on my end, until I receive this signed from you.  You understand this is only valid when both of our signatures, signed or typed, are on this and I send you an email confirmation receipt.
  26. You understand cancellations will only be accepted by phone call unless otherwise arranged in writing.
  27. You understand a cancellation under 24 hours will jeopardize any future relationships.  You understand any future appointments will be at current availability. You understand a second appointment will require a $20 down payment towards the upcoming appointment via PayPal.  You understand I will send the link and the second/ next appointment will not happen until the $20 is paid.
  28. You understand that I go out of my way to accomodate yet you understand this will end very quickly if you choose not to understand all of the points here.
  29. You understand I know a lot about a lot of people and what I know will go with me to my grave.  You understand I may share stories, examples, yet names will never be mentioned.
  30. You understand I have watched people die and been with them as their life ebbed away.  You understand this causes my toleration for crap to be very, very low.
  31. 31. You understand confidentiality is a must and goes both ways.
  32. 32.You understand this is subject to change without warning.
  33. You understand this is my contract and may be cancelled in writing (no text) at any time by either party.
    Any questions?  Please refer to numbers 1 through 33. 

    Client: ________________________

    Address, Phone, Email: ______________________________________________________

    Scheduled appointments:




    Fee Schedule:

    $ ________________ per hour

    $ ________________ per resume and cover letter

    $_________________ per college essay

    Signed: ______________________________ (Client)

    Signed: ___________________________________________ (Your Mind in Bloom, LLC)