Our Numbers and a Story

Transform Your Life
Transform your life for 2017 and beyond
*100% of clients who upgraded their resume and cover letter with us landed a new and better opportunity
*95% of clients who took State mandated testing passed and are now working with professional and legal licenses
*2,000+ English as a Second Language students have learned English and continued with improved and empowered lives
*80 to 95% test score improvement in academic subjects from K to adult
*90% average score for academic for academic papers, high school through college, edited
*Published letters-to-the-editor/ letters to government leaders

Recent client testimonial:

I want to say thank you and great job to Angela Capinera. She assisted someone I referred to her and after re-working his resume incorporating Angela’s suggestions, for the first time in a long time he was called in for an interview, which led to a second interview. And now we wait…

So let me tell you a story……..

First, I don’t tell many client stories because the world is small and I don’t want to hurt anyone. What I do to help my client stays between us until some time has passed, even then, no names and no specifics. My lips are sealed.

Yet this morning I was talking to Liz Dederer and told her one I’ve begun to tell recently because this client graduated recently.

I had a client who was at that time in 5th grade struggling with Language Arts, writing, vocabulary, reading. They were failing. Mom was referred to me through a mutual friend.

I sat with both my client and Mom. We discussed schools, teaching, what was going on in the classroom, Common Core, study habits, the like. Come to find out my client was sitting for 45 minutes, unengaged, the teacher photocopying articles and pages from vocabulary books and giving, what should be, a simple assignment of answering a few questions. My client was simply copying the information given under the photos in the article and turning it in, thereby granting them an “F” per the teacher.

We went through the articles word-by-word, ( and I asked lots of questions) discussed vocabulary, figuring words from context, understanding what was being written, prefixes, suffixes, we made up flash cards for vocabulary words.

Their grades began to go up.

They passed.

It took me six hours, ten if you include talking with Mom.

I was overjoyed to see they graduated.

This is what I do.

This is what I love. This is my passion.

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