Review: The Secret Life of the American Musical by Jack Viertel

This is the book to read if you want a great introduction to Broadway and how and why musicals are written.  This book will open your eyes to a lot of things you may have never thought of before and has some interesting tidbits about the history of Broadway.  It will also save you the tuition money for NYU.

Mr. Viertel breaks down the structure of musicals, the songs, and why there is an order to the musical.  Basically, the formula.

I believe even Broadway fans will enjoy this book.  He even has a list of recommended soundtracks.

This is interesting from the first word.  Enjoy!




It’s ironic today has been and is going to be one of those days where I don’t cook a meal.  I cook about ninety (90) percent of my meals at home.  It helps with health and also helps save a lot of money.  I actually miss not cooking meals at home and I miss when I don’t make my favorite foods.

Healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  This is the three part system of being a human being.

Healthy is a word that is thrown around a lot and is a word that is put on a lot of things that are not healthy and sold to us for consumption.

I cannot teach, I cannot learn, I cannot work, I cannot run my day-to-day life if I am not feeling well and I have learned the hard way health is the most important thing.




Okay, so I am frustrated today.  I don’t like being frustrated.

I had a woman call me looking for work.  I told her I have had no response to the ad she saw and called about.  Get me people and I can hire you.  Call me in a month.

I texted six people with my schedule who said they want help.  No response.

I need to figure out what part of me, what part of my business, I need to market first, on top, so to speak.

I ran into a friend of mine last night and she was telling me about “slash marketing”.  This is right up my alley because there are so many components to what I do.

Do I market tutoring first?  People think tutors charge too high and are afraid.  I have found that out.  My rate is that to the median income to the area.  I don’t believe in fleecing people.

Do I market employment testing help?

Do I market English as a Second Language?  This is my first love and what led to everything else.  But I don’t want to miss the people who need resumes.  This was half the income I pulled the past month.

What makes me tick: I have always, always, always believed and followed the ideal that people are individuals and therefore I have problems with this marketing to a group or segments.  I have my EMT license but am older than about half of my coworkers.  I’m not the “average.”

You are an individual.  I love what I do because I love working with people as individuals.  I love seeing the particular person I am working with flourish, thrive, improve, move up, get ahead.  I love seeing the AHA! moments and giving them something that they can never lose and no one can take from them.

I know there are individuals “out there” who need my help and I am able to help them.  I have my seven sources based on everything that I do.

I’ve done up fliers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.  Polish is next.  I will be posting the links on my website.  What do I need to change around?

What am I missing?  More importantly, who am I missing?  What energy is blocking this?  What do I need to be doing differently?


What is precious? Can we all agree on something?

Life and time are precious. People we love are precious. Yet then we must also remember even the people that are not precious to us are precious, we hope, to someone else.

How we use our time, our skills, our money is precious.

Animals are precious, trees, nature: anything that helps us to survive.

A child’s favorite stuffed toy.


What is precious to you?


I found a website recently on my Facebook feed that shows what your street looks like now and looked like in the past. There were old satellite photos going back to the 1930’s.

Most of the areas I have lived in were once farms or just plain dirt. It was interesting to see the changes as the years advanced.

Wall Street.

High Street.Low Street. My street. Your street.

Streets where I live began as salt trails for deer. The main roads connected towns, some even before they incorporated.

Our street where we live is so much of our identity and people will identify you by what street do you live on, and who do you know on that street? It’s how I get mail and packages.

Easy Street:life is not.


The song….you seem so faraway.

Faraway: physically, emotionally.

You can be talking to someone right in front of you and be faraway.

What was faraway as a child now is very short as an adult.

Long, long ago in a galaxy, far, far away….

I did this today with one of my students. Their book wanted to know what their favorite story is and they are going through s huge “Star Wars” kick right now.

I don’t want to be faraway. I want to be here.

If I am faraway, please be a place I love and that is on my bucket list.


Tricky….life is always tricky, a fine balancing act.

To do or not to do?

Tricky. I always think of the song with this word where they repeat it.

There was a business a while back with this word in it. The business burned down mysteriously and is now a karate studio.

Tricky is usually seen as something bad, not sure, the situation may be tough.

Can something that is tricky be good?

Ice skating is tricky, you need to keep balance while on the ice. Hockey. Soccer. Sports in general.

Good writing is tricky. Right?