Answering Seth Godin: Worldview

What is the worldview of the audience who you are seekng to reach?

Seth Godin talks about how every single individual has their own voices in their head. We all have our own point-of-view, worries, dreams, things in our lives.  Each individual has had a unique experience in life, even identical twins have their own experience because we each experience the same situation differently.

How can I combine people from all walks of life, all levels of education, socio-economics, family situations?  I’ve been in million dollar houses and the worst poverty stricken areas. What is _the_ common factor between all of the people I’ve worked with over the years?

Does everyone I work with or have worked with share my worldview? No.  That is totally fine. I don’t want everyone to be my clone or think like me.  I want different points and perspectives. I love learning from people because there is always something to learn from everyone.

The common factor is reaching for their “it”, what they need.  I give them a boost and aim toward their reach. As the idiom says, I lead them to the water.  I am their bow, their green light, their coxswain, or whatever image you want to use.


Daily Prompt: Fraud

via Daily Prompt: Fraud

What exactly is fraud?  Can a person be a fraud?  How does the law define fraud?  Why do some people always seemingly get away with fraud and being a fraud?

Not being an attorney, fraud seems to end up in the legal system when Party A steals from Party B through indirect channels.  Yet doesn’t fraud include selling drugs and being on government aid?  Doesn’t it include calling 911 numerous times, sometimes in one day?  Doesn’t fraud include lying to people, bilking people out of money?

What does fraud really include?

People in my area joke fraud seems to be in the drinking water, especially when it comes to local politicians.  I’ve heard stories of manilla envelopes being passed around, leaders shutting down venues suddenly when someone waves a few million dollars in their face, or did some of that end up in their pockets?

Are we all frauds?

I had a teacher in grammar school who always talked about “taking off our masks”.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized we wear different masks with different people and different situations.  Some people hide behind their mask very well and some don’t.

Even Shakespeare is suspected of being a fraud, the whole thing.  Yes, a man from Stratford, England was named Shakespeare but people have made the argument that he was a scapegoat.  The real author, the person who created so much of our literature canon today, has remained anonymous and created a mask.  Was this person a fraud as well?

Where will one encounter fraud today?


Daily Prompt: Snack

via Daily Prompt: Snack

Snacks are good.  Snacks are bad.  What makes a snack good or bad?  When it takes the place of a meal?  When it becomes a meal?  When you use snack food to count as a meal?

I hate all of the snack food packaging more than I hate the idea of a snack.  The British have it right with a 4 p.m. tea time.  How did earlier societies and cultures do without snack food and this idea of a snack?  Was the concept always there but in different forms?  Maybe I’ve read too many books and stories about war time, yet no one makes mention of snacks and snacking.

Some people say small meals are the way to go, others say no.  Even doctors and nutritionists can’t seem to make up their minds about meal vs. snack.

An apple to take the edge off of hunger is my view of a snack.  A bag of chips is not.  Yet chips are always cheaper than a single apple in some stores.

“I’ll have a snack” seems to be a very deadly thought and statement in the English language.  Cutting out the sugar, the ice cream, and the late eating helps curb the want for snacks in my experience.  When I say sugar, I mean the processed, the natural sugars in fruit and vegetables that our bodies are made to absorb.  Exercising helps as well.

And sometimes snacks seem to make you more hungry.

I still vote for tea time.

Daily Prompt: Sail

via Daily Prompt: Sail

This word is a summer word.

Teaching English, English uses this verb to describe what a boat does.  Other uses include a balloon sailing up in the air, or a bird sailing on the wind.  Are wind surfers sailing or surfing or both?

Enya uses this in one of her songs.  She describes sailing away.

In English you can sail in, sail into, sail on, sail up, sail down, sail toward, sail away…..basically any type of direction you need to go.

Years ago I took a basic boating class and the instructor always complained about local birds pooping on the sails.  The physical sails are tough and strong but too much bird poop is a bad thing.

Hoist your sails and live your life.

Daily Prompt: Create

via Daily Prompt: Create

Create.  This word can open floodgates.  Everything we see and touch and is created and has been created from something else and/or by someone else unless we began the process somehow.  Even art materials were created by someone else and we take the materials and create something else out of them.

Nature.  Humans are part of nature and we tend to forget that.  Controversies about evolution aside, we all come from someone and something else.  We have in our bodies all of the basic elements on the Periodic Table.  Our eyes have the same types of rods and cones like the horseshoe crabs who have existed since before the dinosaurs.

All religions have a creation story.  All cultures have creation stories.  Every human being has a creation story.

Where does creation fit in with you today?  What will you create today?


via Daily Prompt: Impression

This word came across my feed on the day I had my first on-line job interview.  Yes, I brushed my hair and yes, I put a clean shirt on.

We are constantly taught people make an impression of you in 3 seconds.  3 seconds.  Yes, we do.  However, what if we are having a bad moment, a bad day?  Something to think about.

People also make an impression when they don’t call back, when they don’t respond, when they play on their phones and don’t look at you.  We are constantly impressing good or bad and so are other people.  How people look, how they take care of themselves, how they treat animals, how they take care of their own family and property, and how they treat you.


This is one word I see in print more than I hear people using it.  When spoken, it is often confused with “calm”.  People don’t round their lips enough for the “qu” pronunciation. English pronunciation and phonology is fun.

These words always seem to pop up in relation to something in my day.  I lost an opportunity I wanted but to get it I had a big qualm at one point.  Life goes on. Something else always comes along or I may be glad things didn’t work out in the end.

The municipality I live in is having a very difficult time passing the budget.  This is a huge qualm, quagmire, and quandary.  People are up in arms about it.  The council is divided and people are sniping at each other left and right.  And yes, I have been in on the fray myself.

I want to live my life with as few qualms as possible.  I don’t want to focus on them.  I want to focus on the positives, the blessings, and what I have.

A qualm can only be a noun, a thing.  It has no verb, no adverb, no adjective form.  The word simply exists as a thing.