What is the appeal of $78,000? (College, Part 2)

My significant other told me yesterday he met someone who next year will spend $78,000 to go to college.


Is $78,000 per year really worth it, no matter what your major?

Are the concrete dorm rooms and served food really worth it?  Paying for those the rest of your life?

The president who earns six figures with the fancy penthouse?  The administrators who earn six figures and do nothing?  The adjuncts who earn pennies on the dollar?

The tuition that may go up to $80,000 or more a year times four or five years?

Is it really, truly, deep down in your heart worth it?

Have you looked at Plan B?  Other alternatives?  Are you really going to have a six figure salary when you leave?

Is $78,000 going into some unknown pit really worth it?