Redde quaeso mihi

I provided these individuals with my service and more importantly my time and knowledge. One of them said she forgot her checkbook and then ignored my repeated emails and texts. Another said I gave her “bad advice” and refused to pay anything, even after taking my work and handing it off to someone else. I’ve completed what they asked of me and then all of my polite emails were ignored.

For those of you who are going to decry this isn’t fair, you don’t walk into Starbucks and not pay them for their coffee. Or, just think about the farmers’ markets you go to and someone has their name on a large sign that they’ve been passing bad checks. Same difference.

All of the following individuals have stolen both my intellectual property and my time and my resources from me. Until I am paid what I asked of them in return for my services that I provided, their names and last known location will stay up here.

Michelina Zoyga. Shelton, CT. $100

Colleen Kelly. Stamford/Norwalk, CT. $100

Emmanuella Valme. Stratford, CT. $240

Debra Arganese. Trumbull, CT. $60

Michael Schreitromo. Seymour, CT. $60

Sharol Harwood. Fairfield, CT. $60

Adara Wilson. Bridgeport/Stratford, CT. $100

Frances Barrios. Stratford, CT. $120

Eve Storry. Trumbull, CT. $40

Liora Goldstein/Alex Aranbaev. New York. $240