Eyes Are Not the Only Jewels: Weekly Wins for May 14, 2021 with Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

This week for our nature column for a local group, we dug out the quote by Henry David Thoreau about comparing an eye to a jewel. Thoreau wrote, “The eye is the jewel of the body”. We wrote about the 9 eyes that horseshoe crabs have on their carapace, or outer shell. Yet reflecting on this, learning begins with the combination of our 5 senses. When working with our clients, we try to include sight, touch, and audio as much as possible. Touch has been difficult being on Zoom. Taste and smell usually doesn’t into play with what we do with a few exceptions here and there over the years.

This week has brought the rush of college classes ending and K-12 beginning the ending phases.

We’ve worked on adding and subtracting with borrowing/carrying. We’ve worked on fractions, basic algebra, and number lines. We’ve continued with data sets. Our biggest frustration was with clients inputting answers into electronic tests with no clear guidance how the answer should be formatted. (Yes, it does happen.)

We also continued work and skill history conversations.

Have a great week!

Lord Edward Thurlow Wrote: May! Queen of blossoms, / And fulfilling flowers, / With what pretty music / Shall we……

charm the hours?

We can’t believe it’s already the first full week in May. The fulfilling flowers are here along with the pollen, poison ivy and baseball. We got our first bit of poison ivy for the year as we cleaned out some overgrowth. Baseball season is also in full swing.

Our hours are charmed with our clients. We completed 2 resumes and sample cover letters. We spoke with 2 other parties about updated their resumes and relevant skills and skill sets.

We went over pharmacology basics, anatomy and physiology, infectious diseases, electricity basics, multiplication, order of operations, exponents, clocks, data sets, writing opinion pieces, reactionary pieces and setting goals.

We also submitted a column about horseshoe crabs and their telson/tail. Would anyone like the information or know someone who would? Please let us know.

Enjoy your blossoms and fulfilling flowers, as some are only here a short time.

What is your favorite pretty music or what music makes you think of May?

Strong Winds Don’t Blow Accomplishments Away with Your Mind in Bloom, LLC April 30/May 1, 2021

The month of April ends like the month felt with winds blowing constantly and in different directions.

One client graduated with a machine operator certification today. Another pulled his average into the 80’s after getting 100% on an assignment. We went over handling those tough interview questions without sounding desperate. We went over clocks, Roman Numerals, sales math, anatomy and physiology, history with math, percentages, and basic algebra.

We also wrote a column for a local Facebook group regarding the physiology of trees in honor of Arbor Day today.

Have an awesome May!

Weekly Wins: Brushing Up on Moses April 16, 2021

We will get to Moses momentarily. This past week took a few interesting turns with several very interesting and very intense, revealing conversations.

When someone asked me what I have done all week, my first answer was trigonometry. One of my clients is going through a job retraining program and we covered everything from the limits of the scientific calculator on iPhones to finding a free scientific calculator app in the Apple Store. That was just before going onto the practical applications for their program, setting up problems, revising problems, and then checking calculations.

We also went through anatomy and physiology, fractions, subtraction, opinion piece essay writing, trauma, data sets, and business writing.

Part of what we do is have those tough conversations. We may write this every week, all of the time, and may even forget we write this every week. Yet one aspect of what we do and stands out remains having those tough conversations.

This week was full of tough conversations. We had to have a tough conversation about why my client wasn’t told they were going to need a scientific calculator in the beginning and now we were closing in on the end of the course with none readily available. We had a tough conversation about being realistic with a resume and how human resource personnel get bored reading them if they all look the same. We had a tough conversation about writing an opinion piece on a very controversial topic and how to word and handle the topic while addressing personal concerns.

We also had a tough conversation about Moses. Yes, The Moses from the Bible. Why did Moses come up?

This past week two local former government officials were sentenced to relatively short sentences for a cheating scandal involving a promotions exam. When the story first broke last year, I put out a meme after a conversation I had with someone about this. I see cheating, clients trying to cheat or at least try to trick the well entrenched system of passing the government mandated exams all of the time. My response to the conversation was paying a tutor to help saves a lot of money with defense attorneys later on.

The next day after the sentencing I had someone I help telling me they were “trash” and had to deal with a meltdown. Later, when all heads were much clearer, I brought up two things. First, two people are going to jail, have lost their jobs, possibly their pensions, and untold unknown lives have been affected by this. Why all of this? Because help was not asked for in the ethical, standard way. Second, remember Moses?

In Exodus Chapter 4, Verse 10, according to the version I referenced, Moses tells God that he cannot speak to Pharaoh due to “impeded” speech. Other versions use the words “slow” or “maimed” and follow it by “slow of tongue”, depending on the translation they are using.

When I asked the person what they knew about Moses, I received the stock answer of Moses led the Jews out of Egypt to the Promised Land. I reminded them most people don’t know or dwell on the reference to the “impeded” speech. Our culture remembers Moses for his heroics, not for his having to ask and drag his brother Aaron along to speak to Pharaoh on Moses’ behalf. I reminded the person that even Moses had to ask for help.

Asking for help is not a negative thing. Asking for help is a necessary part of life. We all have things we need help with. We can’t do it all, not even Moses.

Our Clients Continue to March Forward Successfully With Your Mind in Bloom, LLC (3/5/2021)

This past week we went over academic integrity, composing academic papers, chunking information, organizing information, and going through and analyzing what a teacher or professor is asking for in their questions.

In math, we covered basic statistics, multiplication, borrowing, greater/ lesser than, quadrants, and data sets.

We also covered vocabulary, general science, and anatomy and physiology.

With regards to resumes, in addition to putting them together, we had the discussion about asking for your worth. If you know what you deserve, what your experience is worth, and what the going pay scale is, just ASK. If your potential employer won’t match it, maybe they aren’t the best for you?

As February 2021 Closes, Our Clients Continue Their Glimmer with Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

The month of February always gets a bad rap, including being on of the most misspelled and hardest to pronounce months. Yet February always offers a first smell and sound of spring.

As we wrapped up this final week of February, we had two clients pass their tests to advance to the next level, worked on SMART goals and time management with another, we continued with resumes and math, reading and vocabulary analysis, English language acquisition, anatomy, and general science.

Wishing everyone an awesome March 2021!

We Are Proud of Our Clients and Their Inspiring Success with Your Mind in Bloom, LLC During the Week Ending February 12, 2021

We covered a lot of territory this week with our clients. We covered all major academic areas including Science, Math, English/Language Arts, and Technical Education. We worked on distributive property, photosynthesis, Asian history, writing skills, multiplication, fractions, decimals, subtraction, spelling skills, vocabulary, applying formulas, and measurements.

We continued resumes and a business proposal. One client had an interview 24 hours after submitting her resume and will be continuing on with the next round shortly.

We shared with one of our client’s about the Mongolian rock band the Hu after we talked about Mongolian history.

On our own end, we learned about Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, methamphetamine addiction and resources, and reading acquisition and spelling assistance resources.

Wishing everyone an awesome week!

New Snow Never Stops Our Clients From Being Awesome and Accomplishing With Your Mind in Bloom, LLC, February 5, 2021

While we opened our week with several inches of snow, howling wind, and a sore back from shoveling, the beauty of electronic communication kept us in touch and able to help our clients.

One cool project we have begun is writing a business proposal for social media management.

The main themes of this past week were again math, time management, and resumes.

We specifically worked on language arts, basic science, basic statistics, basic algebra, computing subtraction, multiplication, fractions, vocabulary acquisition, and medical terminology.

We planned strategies with our clients for reading effectively and sifting through presented information and material, setting up answer formats, reviewed test taking strategies, and letter patterns for spelling.

We also discussed talking with people about your background and experience.

We wish everyone an awesome week and look forward to talking with you soon. Call us 203-414-5176 with any questions.

We Are Amazed With Our Clients’ Success During The Last 7 Days With Your Mind in Bloom, LLC

7 days have flown quickly for us here.

We began the week with a resume for someone who is looking for a counseling position and then next with spelling, math, and reading. Next, we helped with networking skills for someone who is looking for a project management position.

Following that, we worked on Anatomy and Physiology with a review of the major organ systems. This was followed by linear equations and basic algebra.

Multiplication was a main theme of the week. We covered the areas of positive, negatives, multiplying and dividing fractions, improper fractions, distribution, and PEDMAS.

We also assisted with editing and document review.

We discussed next steps and study strategies with one of our client’s counselors.

We covered electricity basics: AC/DC, UL certification, watts, volts, and why you need a grounder on your plugs for larger machines.

On our own personal learning, we learned about facial trauma, epi, some U.S. history, and had the opportunity to see a turkey vulture/buzzard having a snack up close.

Have an awesome week, everyone!

Spit like a Tommy Gun

Dear Eunice Hunton Carter,

I wish I had a chance to meet you and I want to get a copy of the picture from the cover of the book your grandson, Stephen, wrote about you.

The picture of you standing and holding the floor at a Republican convention, refusing to yield, is awesome. The picture is what drew me to the book. You stand out with the white ruffled collar and as you look closer, the dignity and poise become clear. I especially love the finger pointing down, showing that either you aren’t going anywhere or are calling someone to come and speak directly to you. Again, I would have loved to witness that confrontation.

Stephen’s book really struck a chord with me in a way that few books, especially biographies, ever really have. I may not have been there on your level, I don’t foresee myself ever working for a federal prosecutor, but I can only imagine the frustration, disappointment, and criticism you received and experienced. You made your choices. I just wish that you had left more of a personal record like journals and letters. Did you have them and throw them out, burn them, or chose not to keep them? I would love to know what you thought about what happened in your life.

What you thought would be such an inspiration. For women the word “ambition” can still be a dirty word for many different reasons, even among other women . You had it and never hid it and no matter how imperfect you were, I admire that. You never stopped and I admire that as well.

You obtained a position that many would envy to have yet were left with the “women’s issues” that ironically brought down a gangster that seemed not only untouchable, but invincible. This is something not even the best script writers can come up with.

I can only begin to imagine the sense of mourning and disappointment to want so much and even after giving up so much in time, family, and energy to be passed over it. Again, the reasons for this can only be guessed at. Stephen does an awesome job framing this and working through the possible reasons and rationale behind certain decisions. Yet we will never know the real reasons.

I’ve had my share of working tirelessly for people only to be publicly humiliated and shunted aside. For me this has led to showdowns in parking lots, nasty social media exchanges, nasty phone calls, etc. The story about the tea party made me laugh as I have been in similar situations. How did you handle this? On to Plan B? I know that’s what I would do. Onwards and upwards.

By the way, I went on the Internet and saw pictures of your house on Jumel Terrace. Gorgeous.

Wherever you are, I thank you for the inspiration.