Before the Writing

Going with Michelle Schaeffer’s Ultimate Blog Challenge has been an excellent challenge, even for someone like me who writes, and writes, and writes non-stop.  As an avid reader growing up, writing was a natural progression of the written word in my life.  The hard part is always the finishing.  I have several things I’ve been working on yet I start and stop constantly because I don’t like something or go back and want to write it again.

When I work with my clients and am helping them to get their thoughts on paper, many of them get upset with me because I actually make them take out a pen or pencil and a piece of paper and actually write ideas and rough drafts before working on the finished project.  As an English major in college, there were many 2 a.m. writing sessions and those always came out the worst because I hadn’t taken the time to think and work things out beforehand.  One client whose resume I helped put together we spent six hours going over every little detail and writing and rewriting because one detail would lead to another.

I’ve also found, and read this in other writer’s works as well, that letting something sit for about one to two days also helps and then go back and look it over.  One may see something they didn’t see before.

Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom about writing?


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